Slotomania Bonus – Get it now!


Slotomania is one of the most popular casino online games by number of active players.

In addition to that it works on difference devices and platforms, you can play on dedicated apps available to download on your Android or iPhone. If that’s not enough there is always option to play slotomania on facebook.

The game offers impressive number of slots which are well-designed and easy to use. Apart from that Slotomania runs lots of bonuses and offers that are:

  • Overgenerous
  • Frequent
  • Legitable
  • Transparent

What I will show you today is one of them! Let’s start!

How to get free slotomania bonus?

The process is straight-forward and there’s nothing to worry about. All you have to do is follow those instructions:

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Create fresh account.
  3. Get free 20,000 coins.
Slotomania - Image shows site that redirects you to the registration website.
Slotomania – Redirecting to 20,000 coins bonus

After completing those instructions, your coins will be waiting for you in your app/on your platform!

As you can see, it works only on new accounts, therefore you will have to either close your old one or run two at the same time.

Get your slotomania Mega Bonus now! Don't let it slide through your fingers!
Slotomania Game – Slotomania offers different slot machines

Moreover, as soon as you learn how to use the Slotomania mobile app, you get access to the so-called Slotomania Mega Bonus, which is another promo that gets you lots of free coins to play with no deposit needed. So don’t wait and get your bonus now! We don’t know how much longer it will be available so don’t waste your chance.

You can find more about Slotomania Mega Bonus here. Meanwhile sure to share this article with your friends and visit our slotomania free coins generator which is here.


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