Get a Huge Slotomania Bonus [30,000 coins]

Welcome! There is a chance you have not heard about Slotomania Game, in that case, you should start by reading our game overview here. However if you’re a regular player then this game is probably already well known to you. You can get your bonus even as a returning player so follow instructions below and get your free slotomania coins.

How to get this huge bonus?

It is simple, as a new player you can register through this link and get your first 10,000 coins without any deposit bonus! That’s all you have to do to increase your balance within first few minutes of your games.

Get your first 10,000 coins bonus by signing up through link above.
Slotomania First 10,000 Coins Bonus

Now you can use those coins however you want but that’s not everything, there is more to gain, so go ahead and follow next steps to add another 20,000 coins to your balance.

To gain the rest of the bonus, you need to install slotomania app on your mobile device (which you can find here) and allow it to post on your facebook page. After doing this you will be given another boost to your funds. However, there is one more thing which mobile app allows you to do. Now you can get access to so called Slotomania Mega Bonus, which can get you even more free coins. To get it you can follow instructions from our post here.

Get slotomania mega bonus for free now! Don't wait, visit our old post to know how to gain free coins.
Slotomania Mega Bonus – Follow instructions from our old post

Every three hours since the moment you activate the game on your smartphone, Slotomania gives you the chance to get even more coins – with the numbers of free credits being proportional to your in-game status.

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